Origin of My Madness

Total Body Comp

Open up this little guy (sorry, the OS the physician used doesn’t exactly give photos, and I’m not super tech savvy).

I had a friend at work that told me about this. It’s basically an X-ray that tells you just how fat & where your fat is. I think most of us know where we are holding our fat, but what I was extremely surprised at was just HOW much fat I actually was. I’m 1/3rd fat. Disgusting. I blame it on the ‘Bottle of Wine a day/30 days’ experiment.

Now, I have drastically dropped weight and fat before by simply just not eating anything for a couple weeks. This is not a great idea for those of use who don’t fit in the ‘morbidly obese’ category. Also, it works, but it will completely screw up your hormones if you are not careful. I digress. There was a large part of me that said, “F-this. I’m done eating for a while.” But, it’s Spring/Summer Time. Golf season. Last time I went on a long fast and was physically active, I got that ‘end of the marathon’ wall smash…AT WORK. Now, most of the people I work with know that I am probably, at any given time, doing something completely ignorant. Luckily, one such coworker was sitting next to me, and he quickly got me some lunch (thank you Clay).

So, I don’t want to do that again. This plan is to utilize all the knowledge I have gathered over the last 3-4 years of self-experiments, podcasts, research, etc., to see just how active I can actually be while maintaining some sort of balance.

I have an app that I’m tracking my food intake. I’m trying to figure a way to get that posted on here. I think for the first month I’ll just make sure and at least eat as much as I am burning. I did receive in the mail today Dr. Joseph Mercola’s: Fat for Fuel, which I will be diving into. I think the whole ketosis thing is amazing. When I was on my water fast, I could not believe the energy levels and cognitive function. This may be the diet plan for the 2nd month.

If I don’t see any weight loss at the end of  the 1st month, I won’t panic, but I may try this out. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in a comment.