Round 2 Prepared

I hit the gym to check and see where my 1 Rep Max’s got after just the first month of this Program. Man, I was surprised.

I started with bench press. Last month I pushed up 185, and it was a struggle. Today I hit a new personal best. 215lbs.!!! It took me two tries, but after I felt the weight, I knew I could throw it up. Thanks to the bro at the gym for the spot.

I squatted 250lbs. last month. I put 275 on the bar, and I got it up with a little strain. I can probably do more than that, but I didn’t have a team to help with the bar.

Deadlift: Last month I struggled to get 225lbs., but I put 250 on the bar and pulled it up with little problem. I felt a little twinge in the low back so I called it on that one. I can do more, but I didn’t really warm up properly.

So, this is a pretty significant jump in all. 16% for bench press. 10% squat. 11% deadlift. So this program works. Now that my body is primed, I’m sure that I can increase these at the same rate!

I’m going to really concentrate on the diet. I’ll give a first month run down soon. I’m going to increase the protein this month. I’m going to really get the 150 grams per day ‘body builders’ say it takes for adding the most muscle.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading.