Chest Day!

I had a long day at work, and I forgot my duffle bag at home this morning. I had the equipment in the apartment gym that I needed. Minus a barbell. What the hell is the Smith machine? And does it weigh anything? Does it take away some weight?

Incline Bench Drop Set: 4 Sets, 6*6: 55/40, 55/40, 55/40, 55/40. I upped the bottom weight this week. I was having a hard time with the form. I was using my right shoulder some how, and it started screaming at me. Good form matters.

3 Degree-Drops: 4 Sets 6*6*6: 40/40/40/40. Well, I don’t know if I got distracted when writing down the weights, but I didn’t realize I was supposed to go up to 45lbs. until the last set. Obviously, my mental game was off today!

Cable Fly: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 22.5/22.5/22.5/22.5. Different machine. I guess it was an alright lift here.

Close Grip Bench Press: This stupid…(rant coming) fucking Smith machine. I just don’t know. I’ve been a little stressed out at work. I was listening to a podcast where the guys were talking about leadership and bosses. It struck a nerve. I was going to do some push ups, but full disclosure here, I fucking quit this lift. Again, my mental game checked out. Fuck it I guess. 1 out of 100 ain’t bad.

Regrouped with my Super Set!

Floor Triceps Lift + Pull Downs: 4 Sets, 10/12 Reps: 15/32.5, 15/32.5, 15/32.5, 15/32.5. Got a good solid pump here. I didn’t rest too much between sets. I made sure to really get the body away from the pull downs so I was only using the triceps.

I’m a little upset with myself, but we’re not perfect. I got my ass to the gym. I crushed what I could. Tomorrow will be better. 3 a day Sunday Funday!

Drop me a comment. Thanks for reading, and I hope you don’t mind the ‘Fuck’ word.

Get Strong. Stay Strong.