Workin’ my Trunks

Look at that Focus! Leg Day, Son! I really like the changes I’ve made to this day. It’s a lot more fun.

Back Squat: 4 Sets, 4 Reps: 180/205/230/230. My left ankle mobility is terrible. I’ll have to make some time to work on that, but the lifts were good across the board. I broke a sweat early!

Front Squat: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 130/130/130/130. Whew! Deep front squats. Got my ass pumped up!

Leg Utilization Super Set: I just kind of put those words together. Alright, so, what are my legs for? Moving my lard ass around this planet. How do I move around? Jump, Jog, Bend and Lift. So. This week I added an additional exercise: Tuck Jumps. So it went like this:

3 Rounds/10 Reps: Box Jump 18″/Double Unders/Tuck Jumps/Body Squat. This is fun. I think I’ll add more rounds and reps and probably raise the box¬†height next week.

I’m getting back to my favorite sport, basketball. I just set a timer on MapMyRun, and just asked like a goof ball with my Lil’ Wayne bumpin’ in my ears. 25 minutes. No legs. No shot.

This is a fun way to work the legs. Leave me a comment, or ask a question. Thanks for reading.

Get Strong. Stay Strong.