Hittin’ dem Pecs, Boi

What a difference a night’s sleep makes. I had to rest yesterday. I woke up and kept up with Shawn T’s T25. I ate a ridiculous amount of food today, and I was prepared for the gym. Let’s go.

Incline Drop Set: 4 Sets, 6*6 reps: 60/50, 65/50, 65/50, 65/50. So I went dumb dumb again, and pulled the wrong weights off the rack. I thought that first set was easy. Feeling good though.

3*Drops: 4 Sets, 6*6*6: 50/50/50/50…AWW Yiss! It’s taken me three attempts, but I got all the way through this one. I posted a video to explain this lift..sort of.  3 Degree Drop

Mystery Cable Flys: 10 Reps, 7 Plates?: X/X/X/X. This is the first time I got this machine to succumb to my will. I still don’t know how much weight it is though. Doesn’t matter.

This is where I let my animal and time frame fuck me up today.

SUPER SETSSSSSSSS! but not really.

I was getting close to the time frame that I’m trying to keep now. I don’t want to be in the gym for more than 60-80 minutes. I’m getting tired. I tried to squeeze in the last two lifts together. Dumb idea.

Close Grip Bench+ Triceps Pull Down. :110/maxed out of my triceps with 30lbs. went back to the 110lb. bar…almost decapitated myself. Who knew that you needed you triceps to help push a bench press….I did. dumby. I attempted to get a final set of 110lb. Close grips in after I burnt out the triceps again, but I’m spent.

This is getting fun again. I ate a ton of food today. I think I’ll have to really figure out what I’m trying to accomplish (or at least stick to it).

Get Strong. Stay Strong.