Keto VS Carb Fed!

Guys, I love doing the ketogenic diet. I feel GREAT! I have tons of energy. I do not need to eat as much. I have done my own little experiment this last week, and I have¬† to tell you…

I went deep dark keto the last few months without lifting heavy weights. The last two weeks, I lifted KETO and I felt really good. The last of this week I thought I would try ‘CARB FRONT LOADING’¬† which is a really cool term for EATING CARBS BEFORE YOU WORK OUT. Which may be dumb.

Yesterday, I was completing my sets and I hit a wall. It could have been the new regimen. It could have been lack of motivation. I will tell you that I had to mentally conquer myself after a huge ‘DUMP’ in ‘why the hell am I doing this’ MODE. Does that make sense?

I lift heavy weight a lot. I go hit golf balls to get better at golf. I train my team at ‘real work’, and I can’t remember a time over the last couple year where I literally/physically, lost will and motivation to accomplish a task.

I can only contribute this to the fact that I was ‘pumped’ by my own body using its fat stores as energy to BURN MORE FAT than burning my energy stores and getting to the end of them and my body wanting to hang on to what I had!

I’ll keep on trying these guys against each other. I do find it fascinating that I could “crash” after adding an influx of carbs!

I hope this changes your thinking about exercising.