Multivitam Power House

So I like taking supplements. There’s no way that I can actually get everything that my body needs (micronutrient wise) with my typical diet. I love vegetables. Red, green, purple, orange, yellow, white…all of them. I eat grass-fed everything. Some of you might think that multivitamins are worthless, but if you want to geek out, here is a PubMed break down that reveals that the average American would have to eat 27,000 calories to get sufficient intake of the 27 FDA recommended micronutrients. That’s crazy! I can’t eat that much. I also don’t want to worry about fillers and additives. I don’t want some weird concoction for a capsule that won’t dissolve properly or at the right time. I want something that will give me the amount of all the good stuff that my body needs, and I want it to go into my body instead of the urinal! There are certain vitamins that won’t allow others to be absorbed. There are some that help others be absorbed better! I trust my boy Ben Greenfield when it comes to almost everything. Ben Greenfield went out on his own trek to find the best multivitamin on the planet. It’s a long read, but if you are going to spend you money on something, you should get the most out of it! I love this stuff. I even like the fact that there are morning and night pills. I like a schedule and a routine. These become part of my routine when I know that I’m not getting enough of what my body is craving!

I utilize a lot of Thorne’s products. I’ll be highlighting them as well over the next few days, but this is a cornerstone to anyone who is wanting to look, feel, and perform better. Check out Thorne Research right here.

I’m close to 36 hours fasted. It’s not hard for me to go this far, but I’ll keep you updated when it does get hard. I had some coffee and my mineral water so far. I’m going to get another bottle of water and some MUSHROOM Tea in me (more to come on that too!) I’m keeping my movement down slightly over the next little while. I don’t want to wreck my metabolism, and by that I mean I don’t want my body to adapt to a bunch of activity on no calories. This will help me to continue to burn fat when I do start to slowly add in some food!

Thanks for reading. Get Strong. Stay Strong.