joshdoes…NOT skip Leg Day

So, Day 2 weight training is legs. Progressive Overload Lift is the Back Squat.

My 1RM right now is 250lbs.

Back Squat: 4 Sets, 5 Reps: 150lbs/160lbs/190lbs/190lbs…..Crushed it.

Front Squat: 4 Set, 10 Reps: 95lbs.

If you have knee or ankle issues, this next guy will fix them (you should consult your physician before, of course) over time.

Bosu Ball One Leg Squat: 4 Sets, 10 Reps, each leg. This does a lot of different things. It will absolutely ignite your legs, #1. #2., It will increase your balance. #3., It is a really good core work out as well. Sweat will fall.

Kalf-Koruption (I just named it that): Calf muscles are normally stubborn muscles to get to grow, but you have to hit all the heads of the muscle (I think that’s right, I’m not a bodyologist). Grab a couple dumbbells. Today, I grabbed 20’s. I did 15 slow calf raises and 10 fast ones. 3 rounds with your feet positioned differently each time. Something like this:

/  \, |  |, \  /. The feet have a tendency to straighten out, so I keep an eye on the to keep them in the right position.

Then I Super Set Leg Raises & Ab Wheel Roll out (except I forgot my wheel, and I didn’t see one at the gym). I improvised by taking a TRX suspension trainer and set it as low to the ground as I could (insert Ludacris’ Roll Out here). 3 Sets, 12/10 Reps.

Got in there. Melted the trunks, and wobbled out like a baby deer.

Let me know what you think. Regrets will probably hit tomorrow morning.