First Rest Day

I did have to get up early. Got’sta pay the bills. I felt pretty decent today. I did eat a lot of food (chicken wings aside) that was nutritious. I chugged a bunch of mineral water. I got about 7 hours of sleep! That may have been the key.

I know what I’m doing is probably not the best way to go about reaching my goals, but I really want to see what I am capable of. I have ordered my secret weapon. The Oura Ring. I’ll talk about this more soon enough. Basically this guy is going to tell me just how deep a hole I’m digging with this training. I know I’m not sleeping enough, but right now circadian rhythm is the main culprit. I think I have enough time to get everything in during the day. I did not get my golf practice in this week, but I played like crap in my Wednesday Night League (first loss of the season). I had to let that wound fester a little.

This month will be the toughest. I am going to grit and bare it. I am already contemplating some modifications to the workouts. I did just take it easy today, but tomorrow will include a full body stretch or maybe P90X’s Yoga. I think an ice bath and some magnesium lotion is in order. If you have been keeping up, I thank you. Please send me some encouragement in the comments. I’m going to need it!