What a Fun Full Day

I’m wearing the Oura Ring as we speak. It is probably telling me that I should be asleep, or rather, I should have been asleep 4 hours ago. This morning my little precious tells me that my “readiness” score was a 62, i.e., not fit to get fit. I believe it. I’m going to ignore this thing for the first month. So, I got up, and I kicked the Full Body Circuit.

I part time at Bull Run Golf Club in Haymarket, VA. It is one of my favorite places in this entire state, and they pay me to hang around and set golfers on their way around our beautiful course. It was hot, muggy, and there was no breeze to speak of. I was operating under a mild sweat all day. Heat can wear you down, but I think my diet and supplementation is getting me through this.

The wife and I are in the beginnings of buying a home. I had no idea how time consuming such an endeavor is. I really intended to check out a couple houses and hit the gym. We looked at 4, and we really like 2 of them. This led to a few long debates. Needless to say, I got to the gym late again. But I got there.


Same things going on with the main lift: 65%b 1RM, 75%, 85%, 85%.

Back Squat: 4 Sets, 4 Reps: 160/185/210/210 killed it. Full Range

Front Squat: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 110/110/110/110 Boom

Our gym is under going some renovations so the only Bosu Ball I could find was being used by a couple of get-fit chicks. I was already behind schedule, so I just did…you know what. I’m going to rant just a second. I can take a positive note from this, but like I said, the gym is under going some renovations. There were only 2 squat racks in the entire gym. 2 guys were squatting a ridiculous amount of weight in one, and then another dude doing shoulder presses. There was a wide open shoulder press rack not being used. I nicely asked the guy how many sets he had left. “7”. F’n 7 when the entire gym is crammed together and people are doubling up, and this Joker is busting out 95lbs. of behind the neck shoulder presses. He said that he couldn’t use the Press Rack. Any way. Motivation was thrown in. Also, everyone else was scoffing at this douche leaning on the rack scanning his FB or whatever.

Where was I?

Single Leg Press: 4 Sets, 10 Reps each leg: 100/105/105/105

Calf Crunchers: 35 lbs. Good burn.

Super Set

Leg Raise/Ab Roll out: 3 Sets, 12/10 Reps. Boom/Boom/Boom.

I’m tired. I can probably get 5 hours of sleep. I wonder what the Dark Ring is going to tell me in the morning.

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