Full Body and Chest’icles

Today is going to be good. Felt really good this morning. My Oura Ring told me I wasn’t quite ready to go, but I think I can. I am having a hard to getting the engine going. These workouts don’t last too long, and it is taking me 5-8 minutes to really get going. I am doing this silly things at 4 in the morning, but I am getting stronger. My stamina has gone way up over the past 3 1/2 weeks.

Chest Day at the Gym

I mentioned in an earlier post that our gym is going through some renovations. Things are pretty cramped in there, but I can work the parts I need to. Had to modify a couple things today. But damn I felt good. Even after a 5 freakin’ hour round of golf. (Father’s Day weekend).

Incline Dumbbell Drop Set: 4 (6*6): 50/30, 50/30, 50/30, 50/30

I moved up the first weight by 5lbs. this week. I thought that I’d get a couple sets in before dropping back down, but I straight crushed this one. I even did some slow ‘time under tension’ reps at the end of the last 6 with the 30’s.

3* Drop: 4 Sets (6*6*6): 30/30/30/30

Again, I went up a little in the weight thinking that I’d have to drop down, but I really moved through this one with power.

The cable fly machine was being used, and I didn’t want to stay at the gym until 11 PM, so I just hit the Pec Deck or Fly machine. I don’t normally use this guy so I didn’t know where to start. I just made sure that I did long, slow movements to get the most time under tension.

Pec Deck: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 85/85/100/100

The only bench was also being used so the ‘Narrow Bench Press’ prescribed for today was not going to happen. By this point I had really toasted my chest so I figured that if I just did some ‘Diamond’ push ups to failure that I’d really get the workout I needed.

Diamond PushUps (to failure each set): 8/6.5/5.5/7 (got a second wind on the last).

I didn’t have a curl bar so I just grabbed a couple 20 pounds dumbbells for over head tricep extensions (OTE) and the Tricep pull downs (PD).

OTE/PD: 40/35, 40/35, 20/35 (my neck didn’t like that strain), 20/35.

And just like that, the day was done.

On a lighter note, I did play an exceptional round of golf…tee to green, but I didn’t putt very well at all. shot an 83, but I missed 4 easy birdies; I had a fuckin’ 4 putt; add a triple bogey to that and you have a really crappy round of golf. Irons were good though.