Week 3 of PBC

Starting the week off right. I really like this workout. I can get a lot of sweat going very quickly. It only takes a little motivation. I’m fat. I don’t want to be. #motivation.

This pic sums up today’s workout. My workout ‘Monday’ starts on Wednesday. Normally on Wednesday, I get my ass out of bed around 4 AM. I do my T25. I have to be at Bull Run by 630 AM, and I have a golf league that starts at 530 PM. That normally gets me to the gym around 830 PM. One hour workout later, and I’m home at 945-10. If I have to work at the golf course again, I am really cutting my recovery sleep by a lot. So, today, I booked it from the golf course. Crushed this workout in about 40 minutes. I have been talking about ‘time under tension’ on here, but today, I went explosive. I also think it really helped me kill today’s main lift. Bench Press! The run down…

This is the 3rd week in the overload progression. 4 Sets. 3 Reps. 70% 1RM, 80%, 90%, 90%

Bench Press: 130/150/165/165. I grabbed a dude for a spot on the last set just to make sure I wasn’t going to not get that last rep. Well, I threw that metal bitch up 6 times. Felt good.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 35/35/35/35. I thought I’d get a couple sets in with the added 5lbs. but I crushed them out with extreme prejudice.

Barbell Shoulder Press: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 70/70/70/70. Same thing here. At this point, I have been racing through the lifts.  Good form maintained, but a lot less time between reps. I did take a little extra rest before the last set, but I still threw it up.

Scare Crow. 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 20/20/20/20. I really got a good burn in this work out this week. I think I will change this one up next month and use a band with more of a lateral pull to really workout my rotator cuff.

Super Set Time!

Dips/Pull Downs: 3 Sets, 10/12 Reps: Bench Dips with a leg raised/55lbs. on the pull down. Ripped through them.

Lateral/Front/Rear Fly/Overhead Press: 3 Sets (8*8*8). Luckily, Gold’s gym has 12.5lbs. dumbbells. I don’t think I could have gone up 5 pounds on this lift this week. It’s a lot harder than most of you might think. I challenge you to get through this workout and take a heavy weight for this super set. Anyway. The set went like this. boom. Boom. BOOM!!

We won our match in the league. I’m going to bed early!