Leg Day, Son!

Started the day off with a little ab work. This is a fun little workout.

The wife and I decided to go float a river today. Got connected with the Earth. I some vagus nerve stimulation with my head in the water. That may sound a little hippy-dippy to a some people, but I think there is a lot to it.

Hit the gym for some leg work. Luckily, I got there at the right time and a guy was just finishing up on the squat rack.

Main Lift: Back Squat: 4 Sets, 3 Reps. 70%, 80%, 90%, 90%: 175/200/225/225.

I was a little shaky on the range of motion the 3rd set. I guess I was a little scared I wasn’t going to get back up, but I ‘ass-to-grass’d’ it on the last set. It makes you feel powerful when you slap 2 plates aside on that bar and grunt out your reps!

Front Squat: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 115/115/115/115. Phew! I did these quick. I new my heart rate was staying elevated so I wanted to take advantage of the extra cardio pump. I am trying to lose some weight here.

Single Leg Press: (I like using the Bosu Ball, but with the gym being packed, they’ve been used when I needed them): 110/110/110/110 per leg. Felt good.

Calf Killers: used 40’s today. eeesh. I think I’ll have to focus on stretching my calfs more. I always get close to cramping on these. I don’t know if that’s good or not.

Super Set!!

Leg Raises/TRX Roll out: 3 Sets, 12/10 Reps. Now if you guys normally do leg raises, and you AREN’T showing you ass to the gym, you are not getting what you need out of this exercise. You really have to squeeze those lower abs. Lifting your legs waist high is ‘waisting’ your time. Anyway. Killed it.