Core & Pec Power!

Man, this one got my hip flexers smokin’. This is going to be a fun month!

Incline Dumbbell Drop Set: 4 Sets, 6*6: 55-35/55-35/55-35/55-35. I was really hoping I could keep up with the 55 pounders. I like when my thought process works out. Throwing a bigger weight on the back end of this will lead to heavier weight on the front.

Dumbbell Press w/ 3* Drop: 4 Sets, 6*6*6: 40/40/40/40. This was great. I felt like I could have added a little more ‘squeeze’ at the top of the rep. I really wanted to finish the sets. Definitely getting stronger.

Cable Fly: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 15/17.5/17.5/17.5. Finally got on the cable fly. Not a lot of people working out on 4th of July weekend. I was hoping at this point I could be up to loading 40lbs. on the machine, but I was ok with the sets.

Close Grip Bench Press: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 95/95/95/95. Boom. I could barely finish the first week with 75lbs. I could have added more weight I think.

Super Set!!!

Skull Crusher + Pull Downs: 4 Sets, 10/12 Reps: 40lb. curl bar & 35lbs. on the machine. I dropped the weight down on the pull downs so I could really go slow and get a good stretch and squeeze on the triceps. I was definitely trembling after this. The first week I had to switch to a 30lb. curl bar on the 3rd and 4th sets & drop the weight to 25lbs. on the pull downs midway through the 2nd set.

I hope everyone is seeing the increase in power, strength, and endurance this workout regimen is providing. Tomorrow is the dreaded 3-a-day, but it will wrap up the first month of this masochistic mania.

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