Last one for the Week

So this will be the last post on for the week. I’ll be taking a little vacation to see some family. I did a little research to find gyms around the places I’ll be headed, but I decided that seemed a obsessive. You have to enjoy your life. Goals and commitments matter, but family time should be a priority. I will take this week to do my Mobility Project again though. Seems like a perfect time for it. But for todays session:

Deadlift: 4 Sets, 3 Reps: 175/200/225/225. So I maxed out at 250 several weeks ago. I can already tell that I’m going to blow past that.

Romanian Deadlifts: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 135/140/140/140. I’m a dumbdumb. I completely forgot to put the other plats on the bar before the first set. Oh, well. This was definitely reaching maximum on the reps. My back and legs were on fire after this.

With that fire setting in, I went to do some goblet squats. I check the clock. Times up. I had several items that needed to be completed before I went to sleep. I have a midnight shift tonight and a 9 hour drive in the morning. I hate that I had to cut this workout short, but I’ll tell you that T25 has me squatting and twisting my core enough that the last few lifts for this day were pretty much covered. Thanks for reading. Get Strong. Stay Strong.