Chest Day

No BS here.

Incline Dropset: 4 Sets, 6*6 Reps: 6/45, 60/45, 60/45, 60/45. I bumped the bottom weight up today. I have really been concentrating on the different parts of the body that I’m working to really stress that muscle.

3* Drops: 4 Sets, 6*6*6: 45/45/45/45. YES! This was the first time that I’ve been able to get this done with this weight. I’m going to throw 50lb. dumbbells up next time!

Mystery Cable Machine: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: (plates) 6/5/5/5. I moved the angle to be more above my shoulders to start so that I can target my lower portion of the chest. This machine is actually growing on me. I guess the weight doesn’t matter at all when you think about it. your just trying to get tired at the end of the lift.

Close Grip Bench: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 105/105/105/105. KaBoom! I crushed these bad boys. I had about 100 grams of carbs today at breakfast, and it looks like it has paid off.

Super Set: Skull Crushers + Pull Downs: 3 Sets, 10/12 Reps: 40/40, 40/30, 40/30.

This felt great today. I’d like to be more candid today, but I have a vacation trip that I have to prepare for. Thanks for reading. Drop me a comment. Get Strong. Stay Strong.