I worked out from the apartment gym today. I had to make a few tweaks.

Pull Up Progression: 7/5/3/3/2. Not bad.

Dumbbell Row: Fail to 40 Reps w/ 45lbs.: 20/20, 17,17, 3/3. I was glad to see that I did not have that much of an imbalance between the 2 sides here. I probably should have done a heavier weight though.

Seated Row: 4 Sets, 20 Reps: 42.7/ 42.7/ 42.7/ 42.7. I really concentrated on squeezing the back here. It was just about right on the weight.

Super Set: Zottman/Cross Body/Pronate curls: 4 Sets, 8*8*8: 25/25/25/25. I was glad that I got through these. I didn’t think I was going to.

Incline Curl: Fail to 50 Reps w/ 20lbs.:17/14/12/7. I figured this would be fun. I upped the amount of reps and the weight from last time. I set a timer to 1 minute to rest between the sets.

Pretty good gym session. Drop me a comment. Get Strong. Stay Strong.