Return with Passion

I know yesterday I punked out of the workout. I was determined to get his one nailed. But mo’f’n pull ups!!! Damn. Mental Beat Down. But I prevailed!!!

Pull Up Progression…sort of: 6/4/4/3/3. Take a week off and this is what happens.

Dumbbell Rows: 4 Sets, 12 Reps: 80/80/80/80. Ego booster here, folks. Crushed that!

Seated Row: 4 Sets, 20 Reps: 47.5/47.5/47.5/47.5. I used hand grips so that I could get a good pull on the back delts.

Incline Curl: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 30/30/30/30. I’m going to get 35’s next week.

Super Set!

Zottman/CrossBody/Pronated curls: 4 Sets, 8*8*8: 15/15/15/15. I dropped the weight so that I could do the full sets with no breaks. Got’eem!

This was a good bounce back. The Morning workout will have to wait until the afternoon as I have 5am starts the next couple days.

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