Man, I felt good today. So good, I forgot my form. You have… You HAVE to have good form doing this nonsense!

Incline Drop Set! 65/45, 65/45, 65/45. 65/45! I took a little time between sets, but I got through them. Getting a little tired here.

3* Drops: 50/50/50/50…6…5…4… I had to take a call for some family matters here. I thought I could bang them out, but I lost some focus. Still…haven’t thrown up this much weight.

MYSTERY CABLE FLY!!!: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: X/X/X/X. I take this from a High to Low angle so that I can hit the lower pecs. I got angry here and grunted!!!

Close Grip Bench: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 110lbs. I was HYPED here. I lost my lower back and kinda tweaked something. I didn’t like the feel. I Dropped the weight down to 95 and made sure to keep my form. Did 95lbs. for the next 3 sets.

Tricep Work Out: I call this a ‘ladder’ …not like this is a new term or anything. 12 Reps per weight: 12.5, 22.5, 32.5, 22.5, 12.5.! I do a few things that look like I can’t “push weight” but F those people looking at you. If you have done your reps, you SHOULD be tired at the end!

Guys! I’m full blown on this thing here. I know what I’m doing is hard, but I know it is GOING TO GET RESULTS! Just follow this thing and