Falling a little behind…

So this month of T25 Gamma is kicking my butt already. It’s a tough work out. I got behind yesterday, and now I’m in a hole. I worked a long shift at the golf course, and then I had the opportunity to play a private course that I couldn’t pass up. I was dead tired and under fed by the time I got to the gym. I checked the ring and I’d done nearly 3 times as much as my normal ‘steps’. I wasn’t going to get anything out of Leg Day.

My bright idea was to just combine both leg day and arm day in today’s workout. Again, I was under fed. I ran out of steam. I’m going to have to up the calories this month. I got 2 workouts from each day in. I’m just going to add in what I’ve missed on the next 2 days and plan better next week. SOOOO…today: I Super Set the first two work outs for the two days.

Back Squat: 4 Sets, 5 Reps: 180/195/225/225. Again, just adjusted the 1 rep max to 300lbs.

Pull Ups: 7/5/6/4. ugh.

Front Squat: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 145/145/145/145. Jeez. I was grunting here.

Dumbbell Row: 85lbs.: 5 reps/6 reps/10 reps/9 reps.

This is where I was panting, a little dizzy, and I could not find the will power. Mark it zero, Smokey.

I’ll do better. Tired.

Leave me a comment. Please. Something!! Get Strong, folks, and I’ll help you get there.