Leave Losses Behind…

I had aspirations to finish the lifts that I missed over the last couple workouts, but I realized that I would just be hurting the days work at hand. So I fucked up 3 workouts now. Who cares. Leave where they lie. I’m moving forward!

Chest Day MoFo’s

Incline Drop Sets: 4 Sets, 6×6 reps: 65/50, 65/50, 65/50, 65/50!!! KaBoom. This is going to take more mental strength than physical. Upped the first weight as planned. Made it through with a good struggle.

3*Drops: 4 Sets, 6*6*6 reps: 50/50/50/50(6,6,4). Damn. Almost had it. I’ll get them next week.

Mystery Machine Cable Fly: 4 Sets, 10 Reps (by plates): 7/7/6/6. I’ll get that 7 plates all the way through next time.

Close Grip Bench. I decided to max out until I hit 75 reps with just the bar. 41,21,13. This was fun just moving the bar up a bunch of times.

Guys, I’m here to say that working 2 a days for 3 months is a stupid idea. I’m going to do because I said I would. This weight lifting regimen is legit though. I’ll be putting out an interactive version of it for you guys at the end of this mess. It will add strength and a slab or two of muscle.

Get Strong and Stay Strong! Sleep ….. needed…