All right. Leg Day. Felt really good getting in the gym today. That is until I loaded that bar. Man my range of motion was not there today. I don’t know if it was mental or physical, but I put that weight on the bar for the last two sets, and I could not go all the way down for those. So much so that I got wobbly on the 3rd rep on the last set and my back twinged. I DO NOT FUCK AROUND WITH THAT. I’m not trying to hurt myself with this nonsense.

Back Squat: 4 Sets, 4 Reps: 195/225//255/255…3Reps. I don’t know what happened, but I was scared to get real deep with these. Bull Shit.

Front Squat: 4 Sets, 10 Reps: 135/15/135/135. I backed off the weight to make sure I could go ‘ass to grass’ here. I don’t want to lose the range of motion.

I was panting after this set. I did these really slow and methodical like… This will tire you out. Probably a good way to do these lifts every now and then.

I finished legs off with a steep incline walk. I did 11 minutes at a 30 degree incline. This got the heart rate up to 150+ for over 10 minutes. Try it out. And don’t put your hands on the bars unless you’re taking your HR. It’s cheating!

I’m done for the day. Shawn T is going to kick my ass soon. I do have a request to develop a work out plan. I hope I can get him to show you his progress. He’s prone to injury. I think I can keep him out of all that.

Get Strong. Stay Strong!