Leg Day…Sort of

So, this has been a huge change in my daily operations. I don’t normally do so much. I’m not a huge social media person. It’s really difficult to make sure I do all these things, and then tell you about it. It has been a lot of fun. I didn’t post about my chest workout yesterday, but that was basically because I did the same workout last week because I didn’t have my book, and I had to skip the week. I’m getting back to normal.

My left ankle is trash right now. I have skipped my lower mobility stuff the last couple weeks. This really goes to show that when you neglect the little things, they really impact your big things. Which I guess that means the little things become the big things. I can’t get my squats past parallel with heavy weight. It’s really going to fuck up a lot of different things if I load up with bad posture. I’m going to work on this so that I can show you how effective this little program is.

Today, I just made sure to get my legs working hard. I through 180 pounds on the leg press machine, and I just pumped my legs until they couldn’t go any more… several times over. Then I hopped on a treadmill at 30° incline and just walked with varying foot and body angles for 30 minutes. Pretty good.

My butt and legs already feel huge. I haven’t measured, but in the past, these parts of my body grow bigger than most. Power base….

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