Tickets Please!

People, I’m running on fumes. I’m tired of eating so much to not be tired! I’ve trained myself into a very deep hole here, but I’m going to show you that YOU can stick to something (NOT 2 A DAYS FOR 3 MONTHS, THAT’S DUMB!!). This lifting regimen is going to show some results.

Pull UPs: 8/5/3/3. I’m pretty sure I that’s the most I’ve gotten in one set before! Still progressing here!

I came up with a new little Curl routine. Introducing: Crazy Curl Combo!!! So it’s a bit of a Super Set Roller Coaster, it goes like this: Wide Curl-Supinate Curl-Hammer Curl-Hammer Curl-Supinate Curl-Wide Curl…repeat this 3 times for 3 rounds. I liked it. Fun. New. Great pump.

I tried to do the Cable Curl pulling both arms from a ‘T’ position, but the machine in the apartment gym didn’t get me the angles. So, I just dropped them to the ground and pulled them up like a bar: 4 Sets to failure @ 22.2lbs.

Triceps Burners: 15lbs. dumbbells over head extension until I got a burn going….then 15 more….3 times.

That pretty much toasted my arms. Quick. Easy. Pain will come tomorrow!

Keep Reading. Get Strong. Stay Strong!!!