Let’s Talk about T25!!!

Let me start by saying that I’ve done a lot of Beach Body work out programs. They are normally fun. A little challenging. Some times, they are time consuming! I saw the most strength gains ever by doing P90X. I got absolutely shredded doing Insanity (it is hard!). Hell, the wife and I did Shawn T’s Rockin’ Body…it was fun. I don’t dance, but it was a good time.

T25 is a great tool. I think that it is really challenging if you challenge yourself! You can get quicker, stronger, and you can burn some calories when you are getting after it! This is where I did not utilize the tool in the correct way. There were some mornings that I was super pumped, jumped out of bed, and I got after it. Hahaha, after a month of these 2-a-days, I was slow to get out of bed. I was stiff, sore, sluggish. I was moving. I did burn some fat because I was exercising fasted.

This is a fantastic ‘lunch’ work out. This is a great workout finisher if you are trying to burn a few more calories. This is a great tool for the guy who has a couple weeks of travel or meetings. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have 5 hours (call it 8 hours with travel) to get to the gym. This is a phenomenal workout for someone already ‘buffed out’ and wants to shred a little.

Throw this into your workout into your life. It’s great. Do not, I repeat, do not do this with a weight training workout. You will over train yourself, or you will inevitably not give the attention and intensity it actually needs. Use it the way it’s supposed to be used. If you are 30 pounds over weight and haven’t worked out, NOT FOR YOU. Lift some weights. Get a routine. Get some consistency, and this is for you!

T25 is great!!!