Time To Load the Guns

Maybe not so much. I’m tryin to get some relaxation in. My HRV got up to 40 this morning, but I have still have things to do. I had a fairly stress free day at work, and it was really nice out. My swing coach was going to be at the course today for an Open House for anyone, and I got him to agree to stick around for a little bit. I haven’t played or practiced in over 2 weeks, and I thought that I was really going to need a Flight Scope session. My boy Tim Ganse at Raspberry Golf Academy knows his shit. He looked pretty tired, and he just pulled up a chair to watch me hit a few. I think I had made it through my 8 iron when he asked me, “what were you aiming at there?” I was really trying to hit a hard draw into this flag down the range, and I can of blocked it a little……I’m going to Golf Gab, and my wife let’s me know that no one like that. Long story short, my swing wasn’t as fucked up as I thought it was going to be. He got alignment straightened up and reigned in my tempo. I’m good to go.

Any way, it’s arm day. I have recently started studying for my Insurance License, and I have to get some sleep. I decided that ever 15-20 minutes I was going to just alternate Pull ups and Chin ups to failure. I lost track of how many rounds I got in, but I do remember getting several rounds of 6-7 reps of pull ups, and my chin ups were actually pretty solid.

I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to go from here. I think I’m just going to find 3 days to max out on the bench press and deadlift. I was really hoping to hit a big squat, but obviously this was a great education in how you have to have proper muscle recruitment and form in order to lift heavy weights while using multiple muscle groups! So that’s the deal. I was looking really big and pumped about 3 weeks ago, but my volume has gone way down, and I’m a little pissed. I was looking good. I think I can drop the weight lifting down to about 3 time a week for a couple weeks to get a good topless pic. maybe.

Thanks to everyone who is reading. I like the encouragement.

Get Strong. Stay Strong.