Long Time No Post

Hello everyone,

I’m having a little bit of a tough time getting my body analysis scheduled, but I’ll get that done soon. I wanted to just give everyone a quick idea of what is coming up onĀ joshdoes.com. I’ve gotten amazing results with my first session of my work out program. I’ve more than likely lost a little bit of muscle since I stopped hitting the gym so regularly, but the test will show what’s going on with that. I have stopped hitting the gym because I really needed my body to regulate itself with the excursion rate I was putting it through! It’s tough to lose weight continuously when you are doing 2-a-days because your body will adapt to the calorie burn, and it will get more efficient at utilizing what you give it to STAY THE SAME! I thought that I could ‘cardio’ the fat loss out of my body, but I completely neglected the first rule in health/wellness/fitness… you can’t out work a poor diet!

I eat a fairly healthy diet. I don’t eat fast food. I eat a lot of salads/greens, and I get grass-fed meats, and I eat wild caught seafood. I do consume my fair share of booze (probably some of your share too!). But I think I learned a few things that are going to help move my body to the composition that I want it to be. I am going to vary the rep ranges/weight that I am throwing up. I am also going to go on a ketogenic diet! I’ll be posting more on both of these in the up coming weeks, but for now, I’ve ordered a couple ketone testing devices, and I’m formulating my diet to give me enough FAT and Protein to burn FAT and utilize PROTEIN for muscle growth. I think there is a good balance of activity and calorie consumption that will really get me to where I want to be.

My first workout regimen really did put on some muscle, and I hope everyone gives it a try for a few cycles. I’m trying to get an app for it, and that is turning out to be a little more in-depth that I first thought, but I’ll get it out there!

Any way, josh does is going to be hitting your feeds more frequently so keep an eye out!