This is the Plan!

So all of my measuring equipment hasn’t arrived, but that’s not that big of a deal. Amazon just told me that every thing will be here by tomorrow evening. So, I’ll have a last meal tomorrow afternoon. The trick here is to test my fasted blood glucose, blood ketones, and breath ketones for a baseline.

According to Dr. Mercola, doing an extended fast will only aid in getting into ketosis faster. I’ve gone as long as 15 days without eating before; so this won’t be that big of a deal. I’m going to fast for 3 full days. I’ll be keeping my blood glucose, ketones, and breath ketones logged, and I’ll give you guys some pics over on the FaceBook page. I’m not exactly thrilled about making myself bleed, but I guess for science sake, it has to be done.

I feel like the whole Ketogenic Diet/Ketosis is being plastered all over the place. I think it’s time that I give it a good go, and report my findings to you. Hopefully, I’ll get into ketosis fairly quickly, and I’ll be able to find a good carb range that won’t kick me out of ketosis for too long. The whole lifting some weights thing is going to be the hardest part of this diet. It’s going to be very challenging to get enough protein in my system while also maintaining ketosis. I think it’s possible, but I’ll have to be very diligent about my food planning and prepping. I’m not normally a ‘dieter’ per se, but I am going to try this out. Get used to seeing some pics of bloody fingers and avocados all over social posts.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please add a comment. Get Strong. Stay Strong.