Thanksgiving Hangover

It took me a couple days to get back into ketosis, but stayed in it the past couple days. I do have some exogenous ketones, but I don’t want to rely on them too early in this process. I think fasting is probably the best way to get into it. I am finding that I don’t have to eat all that much. Kale is a great gut filler, and there is such a great amount of fiber in all the avocados,  cabbage, etc., that basically the fatty coffee and super salads are all I really need. I am definitely lacking some water intake so I’ll have to make a better effort on that end.

I am coming off 3 midnight shifts in a row (I typically just work 1). I’m loopy, tired, and I have a confession. I was grabbing some olives from the grocery store on my way home when a beautiful cherry pie caught my eye. I love pie. All kinds. I never really eat any, but they are everywhere during the holidays. I bought it. I haven’t eaten it. I might not, but it’s in the house. That’s the easiest thing to control when you are on any sort of diet is WHAT YOU BUY! I normally have an incredible will power, but the midnight brain got to me. Cherry pie is my favorite. Wait…blueberry. No, half apple, half blueberry, half cherry is my favorite pie.

OOH! Just had a great idea. I’ll kick myself out of ketosis, and then I’ll use my exogenous ketones to see if they really work! AND!!!! I get to use a cheesy ass line like, “now I have my pie and I can eat it too!”

Thanks for reading. Get Strong. Stay Strong.