3rd Week Experiment…

So, this is the 3rd week into the ketosis diet. I wanted to see if I could just wing it. I’ll tell you that I find it just a little tedious to plan, track, and follow this thing. I pretty much figured that I had the idea of what I could eat and not eat to keep myself in the ranges I wanted. This was dumb. I was really only in ketosis for about 2 days. I do like to have a drink of wine or two; maybe a beer makes its way down, but YOU CAN’T DO THAT and follow this diet. I guess I don’t want to sound like an idiot. I pretty much knew that all those alcohols and carbs would be metabolized in the liver, and my liver enzymes are going to give me my ketones. I was very curious if I could just keep the carb/protein/fat ratio to the perfect level, but I think I underestimated one thing. It takes your body more time to for your body to metabolize alcohol than the rest of the macros. Ray Cronise really got me turned onto the whole “calorie in calorie out” mindset a few years ago. Metobolic Winter Hypothesis. Read this if you are trying to lose weight.

Any way, I’m going to get my shit together and take a loss here. I have to track. I have to eliminate the booze. I think after Thanksgiving, and my minimal amount of activity, I have yet to fully deplete my body from the glycogen stores I need to in order to get into deep ketosis. I think the easiest way here is to just do another 3 day fast, and start again. I do have a moderately big presentation next Thursday. This is on a professional level. I don’t get paid to write this blog. I’m going to go into this presentation fully fasted/fat driven, and I’ll let you know about it.

Thanks for reading. Get Strong. Stay Strong.