Gotta Stay Hydrated

Hello All:

I think I made that rookie mistake…that I basically ignored. You have to drink plenty of fluids if you are going to do this Ketogenic Diet. I haven’t really been consistent in the gym, but I have been hitting the sauna, which is my favorite part of the gym. I guess I’ve been going at this for a little over a month, and it came crashing down a few days ago. Now, full disclosure, I’d been trying to get some booze into the diet trying to stay within the macros, but I cut that out for a few days to get back into ketosis. I did go to a whiskey tasting where I drank responsibly, and the next night I had 6 drinks at and following a holiday party. Nothing crazy. I didn’t wake up all hungover or anything, but around 2 in the afternoon, I got a ridiculous headache. I don’t get headaches. This thing just straight up murdered me. I was rubbing my hands to just give myself a little relief when I noticed how dry they were. Then it hit me. I’d play golf twice and hit the gym and sauna 3 times that week, and I had little more than 64oz. of water that did not include my coffee. Friggin’ dumbass. So. I’m eating some rice, and drinking lots of water, and I’ll go back to the 3-day fast to hammer the ketosis again.

Drink water. Lots of water. I’m going to uptick the sodium too with my new Thrive Market Himalayan salt. I failed here. We’ll try again.